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Jared Goff to see specialist about getting Khalil Mack out of his nightmares

It’s all fun and games and until someone gets hurt and as LA Rams QB Jared Goff can attest, that injury doesn’t have to be physical. After a tough loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football, Goff has experienced shakiness, intense nightmares and constant fear for his life. Specialists from near and far have been summoned to try to “cure” Goff from what most doctors are calling, “Khalil Mack Syndrome.” As Dr. Daniel Johanson from the University of Iowa explained, “Khalil Mack Syndrome, or KMS, is the constant feeling that an extremely large, athletic, and extraordinarily strong man is running towards you at full speed with his sole goal to hit you as hard as he can.” When asked if other quarterbacks might have KMS, Dr. Johanson replied, “I’m sure they all have it to some extent, but it’s a matter of degree.” LA Ram coaches wondered if Goff may have experienced some of these symptoms before the game began or even during the game--after all, Goff did throw an impressively unimpressive four interceptions while leading his now 11-2 Rams to a total of six points.

While there is no known cure, Dr. Johanson does believe Goff will have fewer symptoms day by day. However, Dr. Johanson warned other quarterbacks around the league that KMS is real, it can be terrifying and it could be headed their way soon.

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