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Chatwood walks 127 batters in a row but Maddon not concerned: “Stuff looked good.”

Even as a reliever, Cub’s offseason acquisition Tyler Chatwood is still giving Cubs fans nightmares. On Wednesday against the Royals, Chatwood entered while the game was still within reach. That all changed rather quickly, or slowly depending on how you look at it. Chatwood recorded one out and then proceeded to walk 127 batters in a row, shattering many MLB records, including most times a catcher clearly wanted to go for another mound visit but had none left and most walks recorded after the TV station decided to stop airing the game. While many fans are nervous that the “Chatwood Trainwreck” will make a possible postseason roster despite his complete uselessness, Joe Maddon was not concerned after the game. “I thought from just a stuff standpoint, it was awesome,” Maddon said. “I mean you can see the ball dodging, dipping, diving, ducking and dodging all over the place,” he continued. Maddon was apparently unaware of the reference to the movie “Dodgeball” but maintained his stance on Chatwood. “Chatty will be fine. He’s a competitor and the stuff is clearly there. Once he cuts down on the walk rate a little, he’ll be good to go.”

Maddon did confess that he wanted Chatwood to get to 127 as it's a known fact around the team that Chatwood’s favorite movie is “127 Hours” - the movie where James Franco spends two hours on camera slowly cutting off his arm. As Len Kasper commented before the TV signal was cut off, “Watching Chatwood pitch might be more painful than cutting off your own arm.”

He might not be wrong.

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