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Washington Capital star, Alex Ovechkin, refuses to exit Stanley Cup Final game after a slapshot remo

Even with a 6-2 victory to take control of the Stanley Cup Finals, It wasn’t all fun and games on Monday night for the Washington Capitals, especially for star player Alex Ovechkin. Their 7-time all-star and franchise leader in every stat ever created had his entire face removed cleanly after a slap shot from the Vegas Golden Knight’s William Karlsson. “The craziest part was how fast his face hit the ground,” said Ovechkin’s teammate Nicklas Backstrom. Capital’s right-winger T.J. Oshie was equally impressed, “I’ve seen a lot of faces on the rink in my day,” Oshie said with a smile, “but usually they come off just bits at a time, Ovi’s face came clean off. Hell of a slapshot, his parents should be proud.” When asked if they were surprised that not only did Ovechkin play the entire game, but that he didn’t come out after the injury, both players laughed hysterically. “This is hockey, baby,” said Backstrom, “as long as you can still play, you play, it’s as simple as that,” he continued. “A tough guy like Ovi isn’t going to let the loss of his entire face interfere with us winning hockey games,” said Oshie.

The sentiment was a little different on the other side of the rink. The Golden Knight’s head coach, Gerard Gallant, was furious to reporters after the game, “I think it was a flop,” he stated emphatically. Gallant continued by saying, “back in my day, losing your face wasn’t such a big deal, it happened everyday. These kids are soft, it’s probably all those video games. I once had the entire core of my body removed on a big hit and no one even said a word about it.”

At the end of the day, face or no face, Ovechkin and the Capital’s took a 3-1 series lead.

*Note: Ovechkin was unavailable for comment as doctors were still reattaching his face.

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