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T-Shirt cannon union begrudgingly gives in to launch angle revolution

Brad Peterson, President of the T-Shirt Cannon Union, has finally agreed the union needs to “change our approach and get with the times.” Peterson, the union’s President since its inception in 1996, was a big believer in the old school system. “It was never about height and distance for me, it was about spraying it evenly around,” Peterson said in an interview broadcast exclusively on ESPN 9 “The Launch.” Peterson has a hard time letting go of the old school technique which he was raised on and that has definitely secured him a spot next to the likes of Gregor “Make some noise” Lominsky and Ryan “How bad do you want it” Bertram in the hall of fame. “Getting the shirts to the lower levels used to be fine, if things connected and you happened to get one to the upper deck, well that was just the result of a good, solid approach,” Peterson explained.

Despite uncertainty, Peterson has faced too much backlash to say no to the revolution that is changing the game.

“If increasing the launch angle is the best way to do it, then fine, I’m old school but as the long as the integrity of the game remains intact, I can live with it.”

It looks like the launch angle revolution might be here to stay.

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