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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it's cold and rainy but you play anyways. Ju

Saturday, April 14th in the bottom of the 6th inning with the Braves leading the Cubs 10-2. “Change the channel, the Cubs have as much of a chance to win this game as an ugly puppy with chronic diarrhea has of being adopted,” said some Cubs fan. “Let’s leave the game now because according to FanGraphs the Cubs have a 0.7% chance of winning and this weather is as miserable as Tom Hanks’ stay on that island except at least he had a volleyball to play with,” said another Cubs fan attending the game. The rumors are true, the Cubs were down 10-2 against the Braves and came back to win 14-10 by scoring nine runs in the 8th inning with only three hits.

The weather was worse than Big Momma’s House 2 but baseball was played and in bizarre fashion, the Cubs won a game that will be hard to forget. There were 18 walks and four errors and the freezing rain made these big leaguers look like a mediocre high school team. But this game, with all of it’s terribleness, is one of the many reasons that makes baseball so damn special. Unlike the other major sports, there is no clock. In the other sports the game at some point is impossible to come back from. Down 21 points with a minute left, the game is over. But in baseball, the game isn’t over until the “fat lady sings” as the saying goes.

As the 500 fans who braved the “Day After Tomorrow” like temperatures to stay until said fat lady sang would probably say, “when we get over the irreversible damage frostbite did to our bodies, we will appreciate this amazing game and the awesomeness that is baseball.” Or something like that.

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