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Nine Burning, Cold Hard Questions for the 2018 Baseball Season

Take out the pine tar, read about how defensive WAR is calculated and start spitting for no reason again because baseball is back. To get you ready for the season I have compiled nine important questions we hope to have answered by the end of this season.

  1. Will anyone remember that Aaron Judge is taller than Jose Altuve? This one is big for me. If we titled every season, for example 1998 would be “Sosa, McGwire Home Run Chase.” Then 2017 would have been called “Pictures of Jose Altuve and People Taller than Him.” Will people remember Altuve is short or will we have to see a pictures with him and taller people to remember it?

  2. Is this the year the Cubs finally break their World Series curse? I know it’s only been a year since they last won but do you think Cub fans in 1910 thought they would be cursed for another 106 years? Exactly.

  3. Will Pace-of-Play overtake WAR as the most commonly used phrase in baseball? People like to say WAR more than Jason Heyward likes rolling over ground-balls to second base. I predict WAR probably holds firm here but with the new mound visit rules and possibility of a pitch clock in the future, Pace-of-Play should be used as frequently as Jason Heyward breaks his bat--a ridiculous number of times but not nearly as often as he rolls over ground-balls.

  4. Will Ichiro be playing in the MLB next season? I’ve always liked Ichiro but he’s 44 years old and man does he look it. Would someone possibly offer him a contract at age 45? People stop playing rec league basketball at 45 let alone play in the big leagues. But regardless of how he plays this season, he’ll still be the only baseball player to be known by one name. He’s on the same level as Beyonce and that’s pretty cool company.

  5. At what point in the season do we find definitive proof that Derek Jeter became the Marlins CEO in order to help the Yankees? I can see the headline now, “BREAKING NEWS: Stanton to Yankees was collusion--Russia involved.”

  6. Which players will be involved in the most talked about fight this season? Last season it was Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland where we had a strange helmet throw but some real punches thrown. But who will it be this year? Talk about hard to predict but I’ll go with a big-time matchup of Chris Sale and Giancarlo Stanton. The Yankees and Red Sox will both be in playoff contention and Chris Sale is as petty as a five year old who doesn’t like what his mom picks out for him so he takes scissors and cuts up his clothes, oh wait… And perhaps the most feared hitter in baseball now plays for the most hated team in baseball, sounds like a hell of a fight.

  7. Will Shohei Ohtani be as fun to watch as I hope he will be? Living up to the hype is hard, just ask Johnny Manziel...or Billy Beane… or Greg Oden or… Players bust as often as Jason Heyward hits infield pop ups (Now I’m just being unreasonably mean) but we can hope for the best so we can finally see Mike Trout in the playoffs again.

  8. Will the 2018 home run leader also be the 2018 strikeout leader? Yes. This era in baseball may be called the go big or go home...Alone 2: Lost in New York era.

  9. Who will win the world series? I have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out.

Happy baseball everyone.

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