Baseball you missed this week

Last week against the Pirates, Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill went 9 innings, giving up no hits and no walks--a solid outing to be sure, but with the score tied 0-0, the first batter he faced in the 10th inning hit a walk-off ding-dong and the poor guy went home with the loss, proving the old baseball saying true, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you throw 9 no hit innings and lose the game anyways because life is unfair. As the walk-off winner, Josh Harrison said, “Sucks to suck.”

Basebal can be a frustrating game, just ask Adam Dunn’s step brother Aaron Judge who set the record for most consecutive games striking out at 37 games. If you’ve never played baseball, striking out is like stubbing your toe, right when it happens, you’re so unbelievably mad you just want to break the bat in half and stab the first person you see with the sharper end, which we at Taking Cuts do not condone, but then after a few seconds, you get over it. But if you do it 37 games in a row at some point you gotta be thinking to yourself, man, maybe, every now and then, I should look where I’m going! Or I’m gonna wake up one morning with no toe and having stabbed 37 people with the pointy end of a broken baseball bat. Aaron Judge is good but baseball is hard, no matter who you are, you can’t beat the game.

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