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Mr. Morality, Rick Pitino, Can't Handle Foul Language

On Wednesday night, North Carolina defeated fellow heavyweight Louisville 74-63. The real fighting however, came before halftime between Louisville head coach Rick Pitino and a UNC fan. As Pitino walked into the tunnel for halftime, this incredulous fan had the gall, the audacity, the nerve to yell something really nasty at Pitino. Something that caused Pitino to be restrained by fellow coaches and the fan to be ejected. If you are reading this with a small child nearby, I strongly encourage earmuffs because according to the ESPN sideline reporter, the fan yelled, “Pitino you suck!”

I know what you’re thinking, with all of that build up there was no way you would still be overwhelmed by the language, yet here we are. I think even Quentin Tarantino would agree those words are never warranted. In World War II, that’s what finally angered the USA and woke the sleeping giant. The greatest trash talker of all time, Muhammad Ali, wouldn’t dare let such words escape his lips.

ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? In the age of old timers constantly calling the players today, “soft,” what the heck is this? Pardon my french there. I guess according to Pitino, who has recently been dubbed (by me), Mr. Morality, paying strippers to dance and have sex with your basketball recruits is one thing, but fans who yell outrageous words like “you” and “suck” are the ones ruining college basketball. The good thing for Pitino, the relatively recent stripper scandal is the only scandal he’s been apart of in his long career. PSYCHE! There was also the fun 2003 incident where Pitino, I mean Mr. Morality, a married man with five children at the time, had sex with a woman at a table in a restaurant. There is much more to that scandal so feel free to check that out for yourself.

There is of course the possibility that the fan said something much worse than “you suck,” but even so, what could be so bad that Pitino would have to be restrained? I like to think I know a lot of bad words, poo and ass come to mind among others, but if I was a college basketball coach being paid millions to coach one of the top teams in the country, I feel like I’d be able to ignore what some silly fan yelled at me. But then again I’m not as moral of a person as Pitino so it must be easier for me to look the other way.

I don’t sympathize with the fan or Pitino in this case. Fans definitely have the right to cheer and boo as they please, but as a fan, there is no need to make an ass of yourself (sorry for the language Rick!). And as for you, Rick Pitino, I can’t begin to express how sorry I am that your feelings were hurt. If you ever need anything, a hug, a pat on the back, a lap dance, call someone else as I’ll be busy making fun of you on the internet.

Next time some drunk fan yells something at you, maybe be the mature adult and just ignore it? Just a thought.

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