Draymond Green Fireman Carries Warriors to Victory

So I watched the last minute of the Golden State/Miami game the other night and I watched as Steph Curry, in all of his greatness, hit two huge threes to put the Warriors ahead where they would stay. There is no doubting the sweetness of his stroke or the unparalleled magic of his handles, but without calling me a hater, I would like to point out one thing about those last two threes that brought the Warriors to a victory.

While everyone had eyes on Curry, I was able to use my advanced skills as a self proclaimed expert analyst to watch Draymond Green, the outstanding playmaking forward create space for these two shots. Please, I beg you, take a look at the play again. If you still don’t get it, let me give you a hint, it starts with an M and ends in oving screen. But not just a moving screen, the most blatant and obvious moving screen that ever was.

Somewhere deep in the Amazon Rainforest lies a man who’s never heard of the game basketball, but an ESPN outreach program allowed him to watch that play and you know what his first reaction to it was? “How the hell did they miss that?” Let me repeat, how the hell did they miss that? If you don’t see what I’m seeing then please watch it again!

Now I know it’s hard to be a referee, it’s harder than we all think, but c’mon, you call ticky tack fouls all game and then finally a real foul occurs in the crucial moment and all of you fail to see it? And what about the announcers? What are you there for if not to point

out and analyze the nuances of the game? Or at least to point out the obvious? They spent an hour showing replays of it, how do you not see it and say something? Anything? How could anyone not see it? I saw it live and ever since it’s all I can picture when I’m trying to sleep. I know I’m not crazy on this one, when you see what I’m seeing someone say something please.

Now I understand the other argument, the Warriors are the only thing anybody cares about, all eyes are on them every night, the basketball powers that be want them to keep winning, they want to keep having new things to say about Steph Curry so why Ethan, why are you even suggesting the shot should have been waved off? Because those are the rules! I’m with you guys, the only team I want to watch are the Warriors and watching Steph outdo himself night after night is worth the price of admission to my living room. But should the rules change just because people like to watch greatness keep being great? Did the refs just not see it? Or did they see it and say, “wow that was illegal, hope those dumb announcers don’t call us out for that one.” Or maybe there was a whistle malfunction? Maybe they saw g-d at that moment? I don’t know which one it was, though vegas odds are favoring the whistle malfunction, but regardless, they need to do better.

And I know there are those out there saying, “well Curry would have hit the shot regardless you stupid, idiot face.” And to those people I would say, he very well might have, we’ll never know, but what we do know is that it shouldn’t have counted because Green practically picked up the defender and fireman carried him out of the building. I would also say to those people that “stupid, idiot face” is a rather uncreative and childish insult.

I hope you don’t read this and call me a hater because I’m not. Curry is the only person I’d pay to see play right now, it’s not that he’s on another planet, it’s that he’s holding up this one and spinning it on his finger, dribbling it between his legs and then shooting it through all basket-like objects. This Warriors team will go down as one of the greatest ever, but please from now on, let’s just call the fouls as we see them.

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