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Prediction Interference

As every baseball fan knows, pitchers and catchers have reported, spring training has begun and don’t let the February cold and harsh winds fool you, baseball is in the air.

It’s the time for fans to be positive, players to begin doing what they love and for journalists nationwide to make their bold predictions for the upcoming season. One such common prediction is about my oh so very dear Chicago Cubs. ESPN reporter David Schoenfield predicted the Cubs will win 100 games, USA today columnist Al Yellon predicted 101 wins and many others have predicted similarly.

I have only been a Cubs fan for a mere 24 years, nothing compared to my 93 year old grandfather, but that is long enough to beg the question, are you kidding me? No one is more excited than me about the Cubs, they are young, talented and fun to watch. But winning 101 games and running away with the division? Is an empty glass half full too? Do we really expect Jake Arrieta to absolutely shove as he did last year, which by doing so would almost surely land him the starring role in an upcoming Marvel film? Are we all suffering from short term memory loss and forgetting what happened to the “sure thing” Washington Nationals last year?

My fellow Cubs fans, every year before opening day I hope and think to myself, “wow, I can’t believe this is the year the Cubs go 162-0 and breeze to a title.” And trust me, no one cried harder when the headphone wearing man who shall not be named hit the ball out of Moises Alou’s glove, and when A-Gon forgot how to field and everything came crashing down, but let the past show us insight into the future (someone famous had to have said that before) and let us remember that nothing is a sure thing. So please, whatever you do, don’t go expecting 101 wins this year, don’t expect a division title and to be frank, don’t even expect a playoff berth. Let’s all just take this one game at a time and if we happen to go 162-0 then so be it.

Note: If you are ever looking to start a fight with me, just say that “you don’t know Alou would have even caught that ball.” Of course they didn’t need to fall apart after that, but don’t lie to yourself, he would have caught it and I’ve never been more sure of anything. Alternatively, you could also punch me in the face, that’ll start a fight with me too.

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